Male View On Interacting With Females

The way a man interacts with other men far different than he would with a woman. The male and female genders have different interests, although opposites can and do attract. A man may watch professional wrestling or prefer action movies. While a woman is interested in her soap opera or want to curl up with a good romance novel. These generalizations are not so cut and dry, as one gender can indeed have interest in the other’s hobbies and activities. Yet this is the dividing line between a male and female. And this is in not an attempt to sound sexist.

Men may want to introduce a woman to their passion through something more sympathetic. Instead of a hardcore or masculine beer drinking sport, get interested in one they might be interesting. One may be Women’s Tennis. An athletic pursuit that is much lighter has more finesse, which females can identify with. Sooner or later, she will need to be introduced the rougher athletics a man loves to see. Yet for now, soften the blow with a pastime that is easier for her to digest. One cannot jump in and assume she loves to watch monster trucks crush some cars.

Another idea is to get interested in the stuff she likes. Even if a man does not care much for these things. Get interested in watching her soaps, pay attention to what is going on with the characters. She has been emotionally invested in them for many years. So turn the TV on to General Hospital or Days of Our Lives. Or read some of romance novels. Curl up with a bestseller by Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts. Get to know these people the same way you are trying to get to know her. And once you have done enough of this, ask her about these things. She may begin to love you for it.

A relationship, or even a friendship, between a man and a woman takes time to build. It is not always and is not the smoothest of human interactions. Even the best romances and inter gender friendships have their ups and downs. Do not give up so easily, it is not always perfect. Rome was not built in a day, so there is no reason to get discouraged. If one works at it and give this woman her space, she will more than likely come around.

Do not rush into the relationship and pressuring her to get on board right away. This is among one of the worst things you can do in a relationship with a woman. There is a cliche saying that females are like like delicate flowers. Yet there is some truth to it, as she needs to first become interested in the relationship. And also needs the room, freedom, and space to grow into it. Rushing into this is the exact opposite of what should be done. Again, time and a gradual approach are needed for this sort of thing to work.

Then, of course, comes the stage where she is ready and more accepting of this relationship. She still may not care for your interest in professional wrestling or other masculine sports. And it is possible one may still not have much use for her soap operas or romance novels. Yet the male and female can still become more connected as the relationship grows. It does not have to be perfect and neither romantic partner or friend is going to like everything. But this is alright, inter gender communication is about the differences just as much as it is about the similarities.

The more a man and a woman realize and accept this, the smoother this relationship can go. It takes a lot of effort, but if both of you are on board this may work out. The explanations above are simplified yet are very honest. Romances and friendships do not happen quickly, they are developed and cultivated. Such human bonds are about planting a seed and growing a garden. A lot of attention and care is needed, but do not be afraid to step back. Allow yourself and the female partner to have some breathing room every once in awhile.

Here is hoping this advice helps men in their pursuit of a relationship with a woman. If not some kind of inter gender friendship. Not the easiest bond to maintain, but can be worth it once known each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Give it a shot and enable her a chance to grow into this journey with you. There are many ways to go about this, one way does not have to be the be all or end all. A man and woman can help each other search and find answers, it can also make their relationship a lot stronger.