Is it the attention from women? the black leather jacket? or having millions of dollars in the back that constitutes being an alpha male?
Make no mistake, there is such a thing as ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males, but somewhere along the line, our definition of who an alpha male is got lost in translation.

ALPHA MALE: Evolution Standpoint

If our definition of what an alpha male is based solely on an evolutionary standpoint, an alpha male must be the man who has a lot of sexual partners for which to pass on his genes. Since reproduction is the very fibre of evolution, then, by definition an alpha male must be the man with over 20 children, a … which automatically disqualifies majority of men in the western world.

ALHA MALE: Hollywood Version

If we are judging based on todays, media crazed, hollywood standard, an alpha male must be the pretty boy in the black leather jacket, who happens to be the captain of the football team, drives a red corvette, and dates the head cheerleader.


The word ‘beta’ means a prototype, or a partially developed form of a desired project or product. Often used in reference to men of low values, beliefs, or sense of purpose, a beta male blindly goes through life never truly believing in himself, never attempts to reach his full potential, and settles for a meager existence.


Alpha Males are men whom live from the inside out. Alpha males are aligned with the stronger version of themselves, who is always seeking to express new ideas, makes new friends, and set and accomplish new goals. Whether it be to go to the gym twice a week, learn a new language, or take piano lessons, alpha males are men who seek to make daily improvements.

REJECTION: It Is Not Personal

Success is just a result, and so is failure, nothing more, nothing less, just a result. Whether it be with women, maintaining a workout routune, or starting a new business, alpha males know that no matter the circumstances or setbacks, remaining tunnel visioned, and determined, guarantees success. Persistence is carbon to an alpha males steel, they know that nothing can withstand their strong resolve, so they persevere till they achieve the objects of their desires.


Clint Eastwoods character in the 1967 hit film, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, has infamously become the archetype for aspiring alpha males. At first glance, all that appears, is a strikingly handsome, well groomed man, dressed in a poncho, a feminine articule of clothing, but The Man With No Name, as he is refered to, is actually physically and mentally stronger than his dandy appearance suggests.
Just as The Man With No Name felt no need to physically dominate those around him, even when his perculiar appearance made him a target to ridicule and violence, alpha males must also initially retain that same calm, patient demeanor in the midst of people seeking to discredit their character.


The great Sr. Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”, a quote that most alpha males embody. A great mentor is enough to shift your learning curve, and take away years of trial and error. Just as Kobe Bryant privately studied, as well as recieved tutelage from his idol, Michael Jordan, alpha males must seek out strong positive mentors to learn from, and piece together pieces of their puzzle .


Alpha Males know that their lifes purpose comes first,
Women are attracted to confident men, and by confidence im not implying swaggering men with boulder sized six packs, and muscles, but rather men whom are moving towards a higher purpose. Men who move to the beat of their own, drum breed confidence, and are notoriously coveted by women.

CONFIDENCE, What Is It Exactly?

We often hear people say, “be confident” or, “fake it till you make it”, but how exactly does one fake something they dont know?
While it is true that confidence is within, it is also a skill that can be cultivated, and developed through deliberate intent, and conscious practice.


As human beings over 70% of our communication is non verbal. What non verbal communication means is that while our words are heard, they are not what creates an impact, our physical movements, bodily posture, and facial expressions, are what we use to communicate with the world.
Our mind and body are in sync, which is why a man who stands up straight, speaks with a genuine smile, and makes eye contact, comes across as trustworthy, and self confident, while a man who walks dragging his feet, and slouching, signal low self confidence.

Studies Have Revealed Several Differences In

Studies Have Revealed Several Differences In Women’s And Men’s Brains

Brain scans guided studies of development, psychology, and races proved that men and women are without a doubt not the same in numerous ways. Men and women are both physically different and their brains are dissimilar. We input, function and convey information incomparable. We grew with different preferences. And we are made up of distinct combinations of hormones. This influences to a misaligned understanding of reality which establishes controversy. Not just on our love lives, family relationships and our children’s lives.

Perchance if we’re mindful we can communicate with more compassion and improved rationale. Men and women don’t view things in the same way. From the very beginning when light hits the retina to the intelligence arriving in the cerebrum, that functions chiefly in coordination of sensory and motor skills. This course is unlike in males and females. For instance, The males’ retina is denser It has additional cells. Male cells are considerable and are also circulated altogether the sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. M cells are dependable for tracking the action of objects. The female retina is slender. It has more cells. P cells, parvocellular. P cells are diminutive and concentrated around the core of the retina. P cells are reputable for identifying. A girl can talk and the guy many times won’t hear what she is saying. She can say it over and over again, but this compels his brain to record her voice as unwanted repetitious acoustic stimuli. And previously you know it gradually an advanced state to a less advanced state to never listens. And believing that she is always badgering. This causes an irresistible chicken or the egg scenario. The boy or man wonders in his mind if the repetition of words of his girlfriend or wife is because they don’t hear. Or the man is just tuning her voice out.

Female newborns like faces. Male babies like moving objects. This study is really not all that bewildering. We have established that both sexes see differently. Over 100 infants were examined on the actually day they were born. They were given an option between gazing at a young women’s face or a suspending moving mobile. The people performing the research were not told ahead of time the sex of the newborns. During the time the results were recorded regarding their eye motion, the boy babies were twice as likely to choose to observe the mobile. And the girls were more likely to focus on the face.

In the first beginning months of the babies life, a baby girl eye connection and mutual facial staring will broaden over 400% while the boys will show a substantial less gain. Boys and girls enjoy drawing being creative with totally distinct objects. The majority of girls choose to draw people, animals, as well as plants. And in most situations, they are organized proportionally and facing the viewer. They are more inclined to use an abundance of colors. And the colors they make use of favor warm colors. Boys mostly are interested in drawing adventure scenes with intense moves. It is not customary for the to utilize more than 6 basic colors and the colors they do use lead to the cooler tone colors.

If you are finding yourself with thoughts of okay does is anyone really interested? But parents today or future parents it just might be a great thing to be alerted to. Keep in mind, that the majority of early grade teachers are females who have a feminine standpoint. They indulge girl’s pictures. And they recognize it as the correct type of art.Boys normally do inadequate work in art. You see stories often about boys drawing guns.

Females hear clearly than males. Not only hear better but can detect a wider span of emotional tones in the human voice. Probably because of babies and women developed to raise children.

Music affects men and women diversely. Premature baby girls who received music treatment reacted having fewer complications and grew at a quicker rate. With the boys, there were no effects.

Males will automatically hinder certain sounds. When a study was conducted of males between 17 to 25, with white noise and music. The women had a profound response to both sounds. But the men reacted to the music. They deactivated to the white noise. It was as if they never even heard it.

Professionals observed boys and girls when boys were forcefully approached with danger, the boys were much unhurried to break than the girls. The boys also revealed feeling excitement during a frightening smash up. The girls commented feeling fearful.

Males have larger brains, 10 percent larger than women. Despite males tend to do minor wiser in math. Although females do slightly surpass with language. Measurement reveals no major difference among males and females. Both males and females unleash the hormone Oxycontin when stressful happenings occur. But women’s estrogen mixes with Oxycontin to present a passive effect, considering male testosterone simply renders men more annoyed by something.

The brain areas influence aggression and infuriating, which are larger in women, than in men. This is possibly in any degree in exorbitant male rates of brutality.

Runway Escorts (2)

Men: Why they are so obsessed with Las Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas Escorts are just as popular as are the various food buffets inside the hotels and resort of the Las Vegas Strip. With business men, vacationers, bachelors, and singles alike, there are men whom love to travel and go at it alone or rent (someone). But what most of them do not tell you is that they like having beautiful and sexy women alongside them which is their bottom line. They may seem as if they are on a date, they may even be a couple, or friends, but, in reality, welcome to the world of the Las Vegas Escort service.

The call of the wild in Vegas
The soon-to-be wedded will travel thousands of miles to have that one last single life party with the thrills and excitement and the mere companionship of his friends in-tow, and maybe an escort. Famous for a bachelor party destination, Las Vegas is the place for that wild party of a lifetime, especially for a groom.

Bachelor parties in Las Vegas are normally going to be lavishly spent around alcohol, gambling and beautiful women. In fact, according to the Entertainment men’s magazine online, most of them are well-to-do doctors, lawyers, and professional businessmen, they simply do not have the time for the dating scene. In fact, they need to have a date to that conference or wedding they are invited to, but don’t have the “wooing” time nor the game to get a beautiful woman within a certain amount of time. What they opt for is calling the local Vegas Madame for an escort, please.

Some embark in wild journeys because they can not seem to maintain a long lasting relationship for whatever the reason. It could be due to personality, their work, their families back at home, they simply want to be single or do not want to commit, but what is the same for all of them is that they would rather indulge in themselves by calling an escort service.

Opting for the escort
Those men who do go through an escort service are normally busy bodies and professionals. Their work is their life. Additionally, there are hundreds of beautiful women in Las Vegas that show hundreds and hundreds of bachelors that one last wild time before “getting hitched.” In fact, some say they want to finalize that last part of their life before they get married and get “tied down.” Others have regulars when they fly in to the gambling city. With others simply needing some companionship while they are at the blackjack table for the night.

Las Vegas Escorts, a variety
There are DiamondĀ escorts in Las Vegas that are straight out of a men’s magazine. The possibilities are endless. From the Asian, to the Latina, the Blonde, the Brunette, the Red,…and the list can go on. There are the “in-call” services and the “out-call” services. From the mature to the petite escorts, the multitude of escort services goes on and on. Gentlemen can have a night on the town, catch a movie, go out for drinks, the slots, the tables, or anything you can possibly think of. It’s all legal in Las Vegas, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

In fact, some of the escorts know exactly where to go for that moonlit walk. All an on, they can accommodate even the most dullest male or shyest male possible. When you need someone to tell you where the hot spots are, escorts undoubtedly know. From the cougar, to the exotic, to the librarian look, or even the dark look, escorts in Vegas are abundant. In fact, they know what a man wants and take care of that bachelor party by allowing the men to have a time of their lives. There are escorts that even have special themes which can be intertwined into the evening and into the night.

The City of Sin is a win for escorts
The best way to have a bachelor party or enjoy a Las Vegas party is to enjoy the company of an escort. These are the ultimate “perks” of going to Vegas. Finally, it is also another way to suggest that they have taste and an eye for beauty. Additionally, staying within the budget is important, therefore, creating a weekend of blissful happiness when it comes to throwing a party or bachelor party in Las Vegas may need some type of escort to join the party.

Finally, you will not be disappointed. Diamond EscortsĀ in Las Vegas are synonymous with class and excitement and they do not disappoint. It has been in the business for more than a century at the City of Sin. Escorts in Vegas will probably never cease. For Las Vegas escorts the best thing about it is that they don’t have to take them back home.

Male View On Interacting With Females

Male View On Interacting With Females

The way a man interacts with other men far different than he would with a woman. The male and female genders have different interests, although opposites can and do attract. A man may watch professional wrestling or prefer action movies. While a woman is interested in her soap opera or want to curl up with a good romance novel. These generalizations are not so cut and dry, as one gender can indeed have interest in the other’s hobbies and activities. Yet this is the dividing line between a male and female. And this is in not an attempt to sound sexist.

Men may want to introduce a woman to their passion through something more sympathetic. Instead of a hardcore or masculine beer drinking sport, get interested in one they might be interesting. One may be Women’s Tennis. An athletic pursuit that is much lighter has more finesse, which females can identify with. Sooner or later, she will need to be introduced the rougher athletics a man loves to see. Yet for now, soften the blow with a pastime that is easier for her to digest. One cannot jump in and assume she loves to watch monster trucks crush some cars.

Another idea is to get interested in the stuff she likes. Even if a man does not care much for these things. Get interested in watching her soaps, pay attention to what is going on with the characters. She has been emotionally invested in them for many years. So turn the TV on to General Hospital or Days of Our Lives. Or read some of romance novels. Curl up with a bestseller by Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts. Get to know these people the same way you are trying to get to know her. And once you have done enough of this, ask her about these things. She may begin to love you for it.

A relationship, or even a friendship, between a man and a woman takes time to build. It is not always and is not the smoothest of human interactions. Even the best romances and inter gender friendships have their ups and downs. Do not give up so easily, it is not always perfect. Rome was not built in a day, so there is no reason to get discouraged. If one works at it and give this woman her space, she will more than likely come around.

Do not rush into the relationship and pressuring her to get on board right away. This is among one of the worst things you can do in a relationship with a woman. There is a cliche saying that females are like like delicate flowers. Yet there is some truth to it, as she needs to first become interested in the relationship. And also needs the room, freedom, and space to grow into it. Rushing into this is the exact opposite of what should be done. Again, time and a gradual approach are needed for this sort of thing to work.

Then, of course, comes the stage where she is ready and more accepting of this relationship. She still may not care for your interest in professional wrestling or other masculine sports. And it is possible one may still not have much use for her soap operas or romance novels. Yet the male and female can still become more connected as the relationship grows. It does not have to be perfect and neither romantic partner or friend is going to like everything. But this is alright, inter gender communication is about the differences just as much as it is about the similarities.

The more a man and a woman realize and accept this, the smoother this relationship can go. It takes a lot of effort, but if both of you are on board this may work out. The explanations above are simplified yet are very honest. Romances and friendships do not happen quickly, they are developed and cultivated. Such human bonds are about planting a seed and growing a garden. A lot of attention and care is needed, but do not be afraid to step back. Allow yourself and the female partner to have some breathing room every once in awhile.

Here is hoping this advice helps men in their pursuit of a relationship with a woman. If not some kind of inter gender friendship. Not the easiest bond to maintain, but can be worth it once known each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Give it a shot and enable her a chance to grow into this journey with you. There are many ways to go about this, one way does not have to be the be all or end all. A man and woman can help each other search and find answers, it can also make their relationship a lot stronger.